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We have been in business in the hunting industry for 20 years and our products are made by hunters, for hunters. As hunters, we are well aware of the frustrations from cheap and unreliable products available in the market. These guys plan hard, scout hard and hunt hard. We are proud to sponsor a number of avid hunters in the USA. Most importantly, these guys rely on the quality of High Point Products for the success of their hunt.

Chad Wendell
click for bioChad is a Biomedical Engineer by day, but loves anything and everything outdoors. He is a husband and father to his wonderful wife and 2 children. Chad was born and raised in a small town in Southern West Virginia where he started hunting at a very young age. The outdoors has always been a big part in his life and his childhood memories. One of Chadís fondest memories as a child was family gatherings at their cabin on the night before opening day of squirrel season. Along with squirrel hunting, Chad began hunting deer when he was 10. That year he got his very first deer and has been hooked ever since. Along with his passion for hunting, Chad loves serving the Lord.

DJ Flynn
click for bioDJ is a machinist at a small machine shop and a Volunteer Firefighter. He is a husband and father to his wonderful wife and baby daughter, who love to hear his hunting stories. DJ grew up as that typical back holler country boy in Southern WV where his love for hunting began at a young age. DJís father was by his side when he harvested his first deer at only 8 years old. He aspires to share his passion of the outdoors, just as his father did for him. He loves the outdoors because of the adrenaline rush and natureís ability to take away his worries of a normal day. DJ loves bow hunting and has had the opportunity to participate in local and national archery tournaments.

Zac Cooper
click for bioZac is an operator in the pipeline industry, but when he is not working, you will almost always find him in the woods. He grew up in West Hamlin, West Virginia on his family farm. Zac never began hunting until his brother-in-law introduced him to the sport 5 years. Although he hasnít always been a hunter, he has been hooked since his first bow kill.

Jeremy Johnson
click for bioeremy is a CSX Foreman originally from West Hamlin, West Virginia. He is a husband and father who enjoys sharing his outdoor adventures with his family, especially his 3-year-old son. He loves chasing all sorts of wildlife with his friends and family. Jeremy is Freemason, Member of the Order of the Eastern Star.

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