Just a few of our Happy Customers

"Hey Hi Point got your bow holder quiver mount and retrieval device great products. They all fit perfectly on my lone wolf climber and Iím one happy camper. Iím all set now and ready for the archery season. The best part of all, made in AMERICA good job my friend."
- Mike Molorey, Flint MI
"Just sent you a check for a few more of you bow holders. I like how they attach to all my tree stands and how easy they are to setup without any tools. Keep up the good work."
- Tim Huston, Williamsport PA
"I found your products at a store in Pa. Got to say the bow holder and quiver holder are the best Iíve ever used on my stand. Now I live in Texas and the hunting is great. Get your products in some stores out here."
- Dave Inge, Largo TX
"I hunt a great deal on land that is not my own. I like the fact that all your products attach to the tree stand and that Iím not screwing holes or damaging someone elseís trees."
- Gary Miller, Buffalo NY
"I bought your belt holster and took it out west on a hunt in Colorado. We were on horseback every day and it worked fantastic. It kept my bow right on my hip without having to hang on to it my hunting buddies was after me to sell it to them. Thanks for a great product."
- Charlie Smith, Hampstead MD
"ust had to send a note about your products. I am a life long hunter and a design engineer by trade. Your design on that bow holder is excellent."
- Richard Thomson, Lake Placid NY
"Picked up your clamp bow holder at a trade show it works great. I like the fact that you can take if off the stand without losing the hardware. Will be ordering one for my son for Christmas."
- Douglas Burton, Mobile AL
"We shoot 3D and my buddy has one of your belt holsters and loveís the product. Send me one that fits a Matthewís switchback please."
- Dave Murphey, Appling GA
"I have tried quite a few bow holders but yours is by far the best one on the market."
- Tom Swanson, Hamburg NY
"I have both your tree stand bow holder and gun holders great products. Easy to use and no tools required they work on both my ladder stands and climber. Keep up the good work."
- Terry Dickson, Warren PA